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To compete successfully in tournaments, you must use a different tactic than regular blackjack. The specific structure of a tournament requires that they compete against other players and earn more chips than this. Unlike regular blackjack, it is about a total prize pool, and only the best players win.

The thing about these tournaments, the elimination hands. They are usually distributed evenly in a tournament. It is customary, for example, a distribution like hand 8, 16, 25 out of 30 hands. Regardless of when you place, but the principles are always the same: The player or players with the fewest chips after that hand is out.

Even the players who did not have enough chips for a minimum-bet eliminated. Meanwhile, in tournaments also enjoyed playing with Clock. This means that you have to make difficult decisions, perhaps only a certain amount of time. Usually these are around 25 seconds

A tournament is always created a certain number of hands. You must try to keep after each round more chips than other players. Set up your bets at the start of the tournament after that, put in what amount the other player. This will ensure that your gains and losses coincide approximately with those of others.

Later, you vary your strategy depending on how many chips you have and how good your opponents are. If you are behind, you have to play more aggressively to get closer to the chip leader and get hold him to go get something, or at least to avoid being eliminated.

If you are chip leader on the other hand, you can play more conservatively to limit your losses. And then of course you need a little luck. Lots of good international players swear by a simple strategy, which is also known as a contrarians strategy. If you apply this strategy, set the opposite of what your opponent set.

Let us assume that the enemy put up a constant, then the contrarians player is low and vice versa. The theoretical basis behind this strategy is the assumption that better hands do not mean in principle that a certain player actually wins.

This strategy allows you to set themselves apart from the rest of the field. They set high when the other set low, you have the opportunity to sit down too quickly to the top. If the dealer will bust, you win more than your opponent. If you want to know how the card counting, read our detailed instructions.

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