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Simple, you can hardly get to extra money. This bonus you get when you make friends and acquaintances as guests of an online casino. If they enter when they register your name as a reference, get both you and the new guest an added bonus: the Refer-a-friend bonus. What makes this bonus is that two players benefiting from it.

Unlike most other bonuses, the bonus is a fixed sum, which is instantly available. You do not need to wait still earn points. The online casinos are trying to get you to this, a further deposit. Make this deposit, you receive the welcome bonus as an opportunity to clear this bonus, but usually with much lower rates.

Online casinos are of course interested in having you play, because only then can even find the casino make money. No casino can survive if the guests sign up only, cash bonus and immediately vanish. Therefore, the casinos have set before the bonus game. In order to get paid such as a welcome bonus in full, you must reach a certain volume game. This is meant as a "free play" of a casino bonus.

In most cases, the casinos develop a scoring system to measure your performance volumes. This means that you get eg per blackjack hand you play, points, or about how much money you use in a game of roulette. What games do you play is up to you. You can collect points on every casino game that is offered. However, use play money brings no points.

Have you collected during a certain period a certain amount of points you will receive a portion of the bonus paid. Some casinos pay a bonus of only a single payment, but the part payments are more favorable to you, because you should not miss the requirements for the full bonus, you have at least a portion of it safe to go while lost in the one-time payment of the entire bonus is.

Find out about the conditions before you sign up. Each online casino provides its bonus program like in detail. Each casino has different demands on you as a player / in order to pay the bonus. Casino offers a bonus to a particularly lush, you can assume that it would be a tough nut to crack him actually.

So if you are not just a professional player or high roller, then it is you probably will not be possible to secure the bonus. Therefore, the biggest bonus is not always the best. So take the time to give something to think about how much time and money you can use to unlock your personal bonus, and only then choose. To save you the most frustrating experience ever casino.

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